Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fragmented Ceramium

In my last post I mentioned that I didnt know what fragmented ceramium was used for,  and that its an item thats given through blood marks quests and is stored in the quest item cube. 
I recently found out how this item is used in the game.  When I was doing base camp dailies today I noticed an NPC there who had a "Ceramium Trade Administrator" description below his name with a quest for me.  I clicked on it and this is what I saw:

Taking the quest "Cebe's Tempting Proposal"

I had the ceramium so the quest is completable on the spot

The turn in

You trade in 10 fragmented ceramiums for an unknown reward.  The dialogue indicates that it could be a ceramium medal.  It seems that these ceramium trader NPCs are almost the equivalent of the platinum medal
fountain in Tiamaranta.  Remember those?  You throw in a plat medal and hope to get a mithril one in return?
My estimate on the mith medal return was about 14 plats for every mith,  with some variation at certain points,  like getting your plat returned to you on some throws,  or *surprise*,  getting a mith on the first try. 
Here,  instead of a fountain and a total game of chance that we play on a whim,  we have an actual quest that demands a definite number of frag cerams that we have to exchange for our chance to get a medal.  Did I get a ceram medal?  No,  but I got some fragmented ceram kicked back to me on one try and finally learned what the item is good for!

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